Echo Nurseries, our wholesale division, was established in 2000. Our greenhouses located in Abbotsford British Columbia, have over 25,000 ft2 of indoor heated growing ponds.

We are the largest grower of Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and other floating plants in Western Canada and the States and our plants are distributed across Canada and the North West.

During the spring season, we have a wonderful crew of about 15 local ladies who come year after year to work, talk, laugh and sometimes cry a little, but a more dedicated, bunch of hard working ladies you will not find. Many have been with us since our conception and I’m sure most will be parking their walkers at the door in thirty odd years before coming to work in the morning.

We take pride in our work and even though we pick and pack thousands of plants each season, every plant is handled with care and nothing slips by the eagle eyes of our quality control lady. You will be likely to have offending plants flung at your head. Not that we ever have water fights or anything. We are plant people right to the heart and still all stop to admire a really perfect plant or a particularly beautiful bloom.

If you come visit our store, please feel free to take a tour of the wholesale nursery, just watch out for low flying water Hyacinths!

Frog Bit
Fairy Moss
Floating Chain
Red Stem Salvinia
Water Hyacinth
Jurassic Water Hyacinth
Floating Bamboo
Water Lettuce
Floating Bamboo