Pond Supplies

Woodbridge Ponds not only sells water plants and koi but also the hardware needed to create fantastic ponds that operate correctly, stay healthy, are clean and enjoyable.

Call the store at 604.823.0222 or come visit the store at 3387 Tolmie Road, Abbotsford to get what you need for maintaining, fixing, repairing or creating your backyard pond and outdoor water feature.

Building a Pond?

Call before you dig (not just BC hydro)! The difference between a beautiful, clean, easy to maintain pond and a scummy hole in the ground, is often in the planning. We offer free, no pressure consultations on pond building. Paul, Caroline or Bonnie are all more than willing to spend time planning out the best design to fit your needs and budget.

Equipment Failure?

Paul is a true MacGyver of fixing pond hardware. When customers come in, dripping bags of pumps in hand, his eyes light up. Often a quick fix can be done while you wait and we replace UV bulbs free of charge.

Plant Islands?

Caroline’s passion is the plants and she is always happy to replant your floating island or help pull together planting ideas. We have a huge selecting of winter hard pond plant as well as tropicals. We keep them separated for easy recognition, but rule of thumb; if it looks ‘WOW’ it’s probably a tropical.

Koi Issues?

We carry a full range of treatments to help maintain healthy fish or treat ailments that arise from keeping fish in an open environment. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on products and calculate dosages if you have a specific problem. Maintaining healthy fish does not need to be expensive, sometimes it’s as simple as giving them a salt bath.

More Info

Available Hardware:

  • Pond Pumps
  • Pond Liners
  • Filtration Solutions
  • Ultra Violet Light Filters and Replacement Bulbs
  • Pond Chemicals
  • Plant Care and Fertilizers
  • Pump Repair
  • Pond Nets and Misc.
  • Spare parts