Pond Fish add drama and brilliance to any pond or backyard water haven. Koi actually have personalities and come in a great array of colors and patterns. Many people ask about the difference between koi and gold fish. Spend a little time watching them and you will see that koi are constantly on the move, creating life in the pond. Gold fish typically just like to hang out and chill.

At Woodbridge Ponds, we stock a large variety of select class koi to choose from. Koi fish come in gold, red, orange, white, black and combinations of each of these colors. We’re always happy for an excuse to talk ‘fish’ and can assist you with information on keeping both your fish and your plants happy and healthy.

Sometime a challenge can be how to protect your Koi from being eaten by predators such as herons and raccoons. We have an array of tricks up our sleeve for this problem. We can show you various solution for fish ‘hides’ and ways to reduce the attraction of your pond becoming an expensive Sushi Bar.

Koi Fish